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Is Your Dog Begging for a Vacation?

Manifesta Safaris, a women only adventure and discovery vacation company, in Carmel-by-the-sea encourages women to travel with their pets on an Artista Creative Safari.

Oprah usually brings her dogs, Sophie and Solomon, on vacation so why not follow her example? With 65 million dogs nationwide, 67% of pet owners travel with their pets.

Bev Sanders, founder of Manifesta Safaris, a women's adventure and discovery vacation company, suggests that women traveling with Toto for an Artista Creative Vacation Safari can enhance their experience.

Dog lovers find all the comforts of home and then some at the Cypress Inn in Carmel-by-the-sea, California. Co-owner Doris Day encourages her guests to bring their best friends and she even provides pet-sitting and menus for local restaurants who feature special goodies for your best friend.

Artista offers three and five day creative safaris for women traveling alone and in groups with family and friends. New and returning artists receive nurturing, non-judgemental, hands-on abstract painting instruction, with individual coaching in the downtown Carmel Artista studio.

Top 10 Reasons to Bring your Dog on a Creative Safari:
1. Never dine alone at Carmel's many dog friendly restaurants. For instance, Forge in the Forest offers a dog pound menu.
2. Wagging tails spark creative juices.
3. Dogs are great foot warmers.
4. Dogs can run/walk leash-free on Carmel beach.5. Dogs make a cuddle partner after the lights go out.
6. Carmel has many great dog boutiques- shop for matching outfits!
7. Barking is good for the soul.
8. Stop for a sip at Tiffany's? Even Carmel's finest retail shops place a water bowl on the sidewalks. And your dog is welcome in most Carmel stores.
9. Dogs don't mind waiting while you paint, shop, nap...
10. Dogs make the most forgiving art critics.
For more information on Artista' s three and five night safaris,
email: or call: (831) 625-5748


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