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QUESTIONS :  About Artista safaris


What age range are the guests?
In the past, guests have ranged in age from 24 to 70. The diversity of ages and backgrounds makes for a richer creative experience.


Can I come by myself?
Most definitely, and many Artista guests do attend on their own. By the end of the safari, everyone has fabulous new friends. We offer private room accommodations for solo guests and shared rooms for pairs of friends.


How should I pack for the weather?
Carmel-by-the-Sea is in coastal Northern California, so weather can vary from sunny to foggy and back to sunny again within hours. Carmel Beach is not considered a bikini beach, but afternoons can be quite comfortable. Pack everything from tank tops to a warm jacket and pants, and bring something fun for a night on the town. For painting workshops, include something to wear under your Artista apron while you paint. We'll send a complete list of essentials prior to your safari.


What do I need to bring?
Just pack your personal effects- Artista provides all supplies needed for your workshop. We stock the best possible materials, so there's no need to bring any supplies. During your exploration of Carmel, you'll have opportunities to sketch and photograph, so we do recommend a camera and sketch book. For Clothing Design workshops, you'll shop for your fabrics once you get here. Carmel has plenty of shopping opportunities, so credit cards are handy.


Are meals included?
Included at all safaris are; Daily breakfasts at the Cypress Inn and a welcome dinner on arrival day. Our five day safaris also include a gourmet picnic lunch one afternoon and a dinner party on the last night. For all other lunches and dinners, you'll have dozens of amazing restaurants and cafes to choose from, all within walking distance. You can treat yourself to a four-course French meal, a Japanese bento box lunch, or settle down to a $4 bowl of soup. It's totally up to you. Our concierge can make recommendations and reservations.  During workshop hours, we do serve hors d'oeuvres, sweets, wine, coffee, and other beverages, so you're welcome to snack as you work.


What time should I schedule my flight and which airport should I fly to?
The first and last days of your trip are travel days. If you are flying in, book your flight to arrive in Monterey Peninsula Airport between the hours of 10am and 4pm Pacific Standard Time, and we'll pick you up. If you are flying into San Jose or San Francisco, we can recommend a shuttle service. If you are driving in, check-in begins around 3pm and orientation begins at 6pm.


Can I take just the workshop without the hotel?
As an all-inclusive safari, our program has been carefully planned to create a seamless experiences for our guests, so we are unable to exclude the hotel cost from our program. If you want a local workshop without the extras, we can make recommendations.


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About Abstract Painting:


I've never painted. Is Artista a good place to learn?
We believe that every woman holds inside a personal definition of beauty whether she's a new artist or an accomplished master. We'll be there to help you communicate your own definition. Never painted? Wonderful, we would be honored to witness your very first paint strokes.


But I can't even draw stick figures.
That's ok, stick figures aren't part of the workshop. Artista focuses on intuitive abstract expression. You will learn to describe your vision through composition, texture, and color. There is no right or wrong way to paint abstract, so everyone develops their own style.


What if I'm an experienced painter?
Even professional artists can be inspired by new techniques, tools, colors and styles. Unlike painting or drawing in realism, there is nothing to copy or recreate, so painting abstractly is very liberating. Intuitive abstract has few rules, requires little discipline, and allows you to express yourself by coloring outside the lines. Experienced artists have the opportunity to find an entirely new style.


What medium will we use?
For a variety of reasons, we use acrylic paint and gesso on paper, wood, and stretched canvas. We've noticed more and more contemporary artists are utilizing acrylics for good reason- they can be used for a wide range of techniques from thin washes like watercolor to layered, thick textures similar to oils. They quickly dry and unlike oils, are low odor and easily thin and clean with water.

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