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Impresia Creative Printmaking
Impresia is an introduction to monotype, a creative printmaking process of great versatility whereby a single art print is made with ink, paper, and pressure. Monotype has gained widespread popularity among artists due to its improvisational directness, the pleasure of immediate results and the wide range of possibilities of stylistic approaches suggested by the process-from hard edged shape-making to velvety, painterly abstractions-and even a seamless kind of collage.

To produce a monotype, the artist begins by painting her image on a thin, non-absorbent metal or plastic plate. Special dampened printmaking paper is placed on the image, then both are passed through the heavy roller of the etching press. The result is a faithful reverse image transferred from plate to paper. The marriage of ink and paper, unique to monotype, produces surprising and magical effects quite different from direct painting or drawing.  Monotype is a wonderful medium for both new and experienced artists seeking a fresh avenue to creative expression.
During the safari, you'll have the opportunity to create a number of monotype prints, both in color and black and white, and most likely, you'll be rewarded by your results, which will  be good enough to frame when you return home.

The spacious and well lit Artista Studio is equipped with an etching press for monotype printmaking.  All necessary tools and materials will be provided at no additional charge to guests.

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About the Impresia Safari:

Day One - Getting Familiar with Monotype Printmaking
The Impresia printmaking safari accommodates experienced artists and beginners alike, so prior art experience is not required. Learn the history and importance of monotype printmaking before joining a hands-on demonstration of materials, equipment, and basic techniques. Impresia provides your materials, tools, and all the essentials - fruits, chocolates, and Chardonnay. For inspiration, walk to lunch in the village or stroll the white sand beaches of Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Day Two - Monotype Printmaking Techniques and Approaches
Throughout the day, enjoy creating your own artwork punctuated by demonstrations and discussion about the medium. Attending demostrations is not mandatory, so you're welcome to continue working if you can't break away. Your instructor is available in the studio between lessons, offering personal consultations on technique, composition, and color as you develop your own approach to monotype.

Day Three - Production and Preparation
By day three you'll be comfortable with your own style and techniques, so why not sit in on demonstrations focused on preparing your work for hanging and shipping. You'll be ready for your first exhibit when you return home.

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Contact Us For More Information

We're happy to answer any questions you have about Artista, and will keep you informed about upcoming creative safaris.





How did you Hear About Us?  

Our studio crew will assist you in packaging your work for travel, and if you like, we'll be happy to arrange shipping. Check-out time is at noon so you've plenty of time to snap photos of your new friends, exchange addresses, and take one last tour down Ocean Avenue.

Along with your work, you'll depart with a lifelong relationship with your creative self.  Remember, our goal is simple: to better the world, one Artista at a time.

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Registration Form

Click here to download the Impresia Printmaking Safari registration form >>

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photo credits: Top photos: Ronna Leon
Side photos: Jessica Wishard

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