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Guest Reviews!Encaustic Painting:
Encaustic painting (painting with hot wax), one of the world's oldest techniques, has been rediscovered by contemporary artists. The paints are a blend of pure pigment and molten beeswax resulting in a mixture uniquely seductive and virtually nontoxic. The nature of the medium is also suitable for collage, imbedding objects into the wax, and an unlimited variety of three dimensional effects. This can result in a layered, velvety sheen like the topping on a glazed donut. Encaustic painting dries rapidly and its characteristic matte and rich color create luxurious artwork. This is an exciting medium for beginners or seasoned painters alike.

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About the workshop:

Day One- Getting familiar with hot wax
The curriculum can accommodate beginners and experienced artists alike, so prior art experience is not required. You'll first learn the history of encaustics and the nature of the medium. Next will be a hands-on explanation of materials, supports, substrates, tools and color theory. After demonstrations of your basic tools and examples of abstract and representational techniques, you'll be free to start experimenting with the hot wax medium. We provide all your materials, tools, and the essentials - fruits, chocolates, and Chardonnay. Walking to lunch in village is a great source of inspiration and color themes, textures and collaging materials.

Day Two- Encaustic techniques
You'll be eager to pick up where you left off, so we schedule 'warm up' time in the morning. Throughout the day, you'll see demonstrations of textures, taping, incising, use of pigment oil stick, wax pouring, collage, imbedding objects, xerox transfer and rubber stamping. After each demo, you'll have time to play with each technique. Viewing the demos is not mandatory, so you're welcome to continue working if you can't break away. Your instructor circulates the room between demos, giving personal consultations as you explore technique and color.

Day Three- Explore your creativity
By day three, you'll feel comfortable with the medium and the tools so we set aside this day for you to further develop the style and techniques you're naturally drawn. Work on exactly what you like - the time is yours to create. The final demonstration will be on preparing your paintings for hanging and shipping, so you'll be ready for your first exhibition when you get home.

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Our studio crew will assist you in packaging your work for travel and, if you like, we'll be happy to arrange shipping. Check-out time is at noon, so you've plenty of time to snap photos of your new friends, exchange addresses, and take one last tour down Ocean Avenue.

Along with your paintings, you'll depart with your apron and a lifelong relationship with your creative self. Remember, our goal is simple: to better the world, one Artista at a time.


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